Portrett av Ben Lawrence

Career History

2023 – d.d.: UK and European Patent Attorney, Onsagers AS
2020 – 2023: UK and European Patent Attorney, EIP
2019 – 2020: UK and European Patent Attorney, Keltie
July 2019: Qualified as a European Patent Attorney
April 2019: Qualified as a UK Patent Attorney
2018 – 2019: Trainee Patent Attorney, Keltie
2018: Trainee Patent Attorney, CMS
2015 – 2018: Trainee Patent Attorney, Keltie
2013 – 2014: Trainee Acoustic Consultant, Arup


2010 – 2015: Acoustical Engineering, Masters 1st Class, University of Southampton



Ben is a talented European and UK Patent Attorney who specialises in digital and electronic innovation. Over almost a decade working in intellectual property, he has advised clients in a vast range of technological fields, with highlights including autonomous vehicles, data storage systems, audio devices, payment processing, renewable energy, and even cardiovascular health and textiles. He has a Master’s degree in Acoustical Engineering from the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at the University of Southampton, where he focussed on railway noise and the effect of wind noise for cyclists.

A crucial part of Ben’s approach to intellectual property is to get to know his clients and their business needs thoroughly so that he can deliver bespoke, clear advice that fits their requirements and that helps them to navigate the complex world of intellectual property. He enjoys nothing more than seeing his clients succeed with a robust intellectual property strategy being part of their success.

When discussing new inventions, Ben is able to quickly distil new concepts to identify patentable subject matter and he is skilled at drafting patent applications to give them the best chance of success before the European Patent Office and the US Patent and Trademark Office, as well as other national offices. Once a patent application is filed, he is often successful in achieving grant quickly and cost-effectively for his clients. Recently, Ben has provided patent attorney support during litigation before the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court in the UK, and has experience in opposing granted patents. He is also knowledgeable in design registrations.

At his home in Leeds, Ben can often be found taking care of his retired greyhound, Friday, whose long nose sometimes makes an appearance in video calls. Ben lives next to the River Aire and enjoys spotting the different birds and other wildlife that live by the water, especially the many Kingfishers that perch on overhanging branches. Ben has a passion for wine, and has several professional qualifications in wine tasting. His favourite wines are those from Beaujolais and the Loire Valley.

Ben joined Onsagers in 2023.

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