Covid19: Onsagers in operation and further measures

During the coronavirus outbreak, Onsagers will continue operations by implementing certain measures. Public authorities have also taken steps to maintain their services, such that applying for and maintaining rights is possible despite the current outbreak.

13. mars 2020

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, we are not at liberty to accept customer visits in Onsager’s premises for the time being. We encourage our clients to use our contact form, or to contact one of our consultants directly.

Measures for Onsager employees

We comply with the Norwegian National Institute of Public Health’s recommendations and measures decided by the government and the municipality of Oslo. As a rule, our employees will work from home from Friday, March 13 until further notice, unless they need to visit our premises for special reasons.

Digital tools

Onsagers have digital tools that can be useful when direct human contact is not possible.

Trademark Portal – The portal allows customers to submit a request for assistance in filing and / or handling trademark applications.

Onsagers IP Check – This free survey maps the company’s competitive advantage, from which a recommendation on how to secure and strengthen the competitive advantages through strategic use of IP may be obtained.

Also, read about how to cut costs associated with the IP portfolio here

Regulations and deadlines of the Norwegian Patent Office

The Norwegian Patent Office will grant deadline extensions on request due to the COVID-19 situation. The instruction applies to time limit extensions in the prosecution of applications, or to rectify formal deficiencies. For design, trademark and patent applications, a two-month extension will be granted. The Norwegian Patent Office must receive the request for extension of deadline prior to expiration of the deadline. The instruction only applies for deadlines set by the Norwegian Patent Office. This means that the instructions do not apply to legislative and statutory deadlines (for example, priority deadlines, payment deadlines, etc.).

If a specific deadline has not been met, and the result is loss of an application or granted / registered right, a request for reinstatement by submitting a demand, is possible.

Read more about the Norwegian Patent Office’s deadlines here.

Corona information from international IPR authorities:

Website of EUIPO (EU Design and Trademark Office)

 Wbsite of EPO (European Patent Office)

Contact us if you have any questions.


Lars-Fredrik Urang
CEO - Head of Patent
Leder i Onsagers, siv.ing. og rådgiver i IP-strategi og håndhevelse. Hans kommersielle bevissthet og interesse for teknisk utvikling gjenspeiles i lederskapet og Onsagers' kultur.

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