Center for International Intellectual Property Studies – CEIPI, IP Business Academy

Onsagers has partnered with the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies – CEIPI, IP Business Academy to support the industry in meeting the growing challenges of managing IP.

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Onsagers wants to play its part in ensuring that the Norwegian industry remains competitive in the international arena in the era of desperate need of innovations combatting climate changes and developing sustainability. Onsagers will support their customers in linking IP to the required innovation all industries are faced with in the decade to come, in order to assist the various industries on their quest for new sustainable solutions and businesses. 

This initiative integrates LinkedIn as the largest social network for global, professional business exchange and the newly developed Onsagers Content Portal. In order to support the industry, relevant topics for IP experts today and in the future are highlighted. The industry will be supported 24/7 with academic and practical background knowledge about global IP management challenges, decision guidelines, specific case studies and current IP developments.

Many external events and influences are leading to the need to evolve ideas about IP management – from the increasingly widespread use of ever more powerful artificial intelligence, to the use of international interoperability standards or the emergence of immersive worlds, to the creation of the Unified Patent Court. Companies and IP experts face the challenge of keeping up with this change and getting ready for the future of IP management.

Over the past ten years Onsagers has been the locomotive in the IP Management area in Norway and today they are positioned to make a real difference for their customers. I am delighted about our partnership and looking forward to the continued reciprocal process ahead of us.

Prof. Dr. Alexander J. Wurzer

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Professor Dr. Alexander Wurzer

– IP skal være en bro, ikke en festning, sier Prof. Dr. Alexander J. Wurzer

Vi trenger broer for å samhandle med andre, og det er rollen til patenter i dag, sier Wurzer.