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INTA 2022

30. april – 4. mai 2022

Washington, D.C.

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Event Description

INTA 2022, Annual Meeting of International Trademark Association is a trademark event for brand management, trademark, and other IP professionals.


Promote the role of trademarks worldwide; support and advance trademarks and related intellectual property concepts as essential elements of effective national and international commerce, in particular by promoting sound legislation, regulations and treaties; advance public perception and understanding in the field; provide trademark information and services to members, to trademark and legal professionals and to the public.

Onsagers attending

Onsagers is a top-tier, full-service firm with 55 patent attorneys and attorneys at law. Onsagers will be attending the INTA 2022 event this year with 5 experienced trademark attorneys, included our head of legal the department.

Head of legal: Ann-Cathrin Hoel

As a leading Trademark processional in NO and head of legal she brings over 30 years experience, also as an in- house lawyer with global players. Also former legal counsel at NIPO.

Attorney-at-Law : Christiin Sangvik-Jebsen

Head of international team, handle trademarks, counterfeiting and unfair competition matters with multi-national enterprises. Former head of legal at NIPO and the Norwegian NIPO delegate in WIPO and EPO.

Attorney-at-Law : Eirik Rødsand

Eirik is primarily engaged within patent, trademark, design, and market law, and has in NIPO represented Norway in EPO , WIPO Standing Committee on the Law of Patents.

Attorney-at-Law : Thomas Gaarder-Olsen

His work ranges from developing IP strategy and establishing IP rights, to maintaining and proactively enforce these rights by dispute resolution and litigation on global level.

Attorney-at-Law : Ulrikke Asbøll

Offering legal and strategic IP rights advice. Her practice covers the whole IP lifecycle, and also contracts, negotiations, disputes and litigation. In addition, she has experience as a Legal Advisor at NIPO (Norwegian Patent Office).