Nordiskt Kemikermøde 2018

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Nordiskt Kemikermøde 2018



«Nordiskt Kemistmöte» is a non-commercial conference on patent issues relating to the Chemistry and Biotechnology Fields.

It is traditional that patent consultants from the 5 Nordic countries meet every other year at the Nordiskt Kemistmöte to network and discuss topics that are particularly relevant for patenting of chemical, biochemical and biotechnological inventions.

The conference is arranged by representative from one of the five participating countries: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. This year Denmark is hosting the meeting together with the Association of Danish Intellectual Patent Attorneys (ADIPA) and it will take place from 11th to 13th April 2018 at the Comwell Hotel Kellers Park in Vejle, Denmark.


You can find a complete list of topics and confirmed speakers in the “Academic Program”

From Onsagers Liv-Heidi Thoresen and Dorte Lajer will be among the speakers. Onsagers will also attende with addional 6 patent attornies from Onsagers Onsagers chemical industry team

Read our reflections about the chemical industry antd their current challenges related to IP here (Norwegian)

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